Book List

Doing Business with God: Building Character with Grace, co-authored with R. John Benoit. Released Feb. 1, 2017 in e-book format.

Raising a Child Who Prays: Teaching Your Family the Power of Prayer (editor) by David D. Ireland, Ph.D., Charisma House. Released Aug. 2, 2016 by Charisma House Publishers.

A Parent’s Guide to Autism (editor) by Ron Sandison. Released Apr. 5, 2016 by Siloam Press.

The Faith Link (editor) by Max Fleury, M.D. Released Feb. 2, 2016 by Charisma House Publishers.

Fasting for Life: Medical Proof Fasting Reduces Risk of Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes (editor) by Frances E. Umesiri, PhD, professor at John Brown University. Released Jan. 5, 2016 by Siloam Press.

Timeless: Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Guide to Aging with Grace and Confidence (editor) by Kara Davis, M.D., a physician of internal medicine in the Chicago area who is affiliated with the University of Illinois at Chicago. Released Oct. 6, 2015 by Siloam Press.

Love in Crisis: Modern Parallels to the Church at Ephesus (ghostwriter/editor) by Robert Wurtz II, pastor and Bible teacher from Missouri. Released Oct. 6, 2015 by Creation House.

Make Life Work in a Fast-Paced World (editor) by Errol Beckford, pastor of Celebration Tabernacle, Cocoa, Florida. Released Oct. 2, 2015 by Errol Beckford Ministries.

The Miracle of the Seed (ghostwriter/editor) by Darrell Huffman, pastor of New Life Church in Huntington, West Virginia. Released July 29, 2015 by WestBow Press.

How to Thrive in the Last Days: Biblical Strategies for Protection & Abundance in Troubled Times (editor) updated compilation of material from seven contributors. Released June 6, 2015 by FrontLine.

Winning the Food Fight, co-authored with Steve Willis, pastor of First Baptist Church of Kenova, West Virginia. Released January 2012 by Regal Books.

In addition, Ken has co-authored, edited or contributed material to more than 45 other commercially-produced, self-published and small press books.