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High Cost of Healthcare

It’s hard to believe that this summer will mark 12 years since I had my first two heart stents, which would be followed a couple years later by a double bypass. (You don’t know the meaning of pain until you’ve had your chest cracked open.) During the cardiac rehab program that followed my stents, I…
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The Scandal of Health Care

Because of presidential politics, the topic of Obamacare will continue generating more heat than light during 2016. Yet this controversy often overlooks a bigger scandal: the enormous costs ladled on to our medical bills by the system’s bureaucratic jumble. I think back several years to the time my primary care doctor blessed me with about…
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Mea Culpa: Admitting Error Is Good

First of two parts By Ken Walker- I saw President Obama’s apology about Americans losing health insurance on the NBC Evening News before reading about it. Immediately, I envisioned a cacophony of criticism in coming days and weeks. Granted, a litany of problems that have greeted the federal government’s dysfunctional healthcare.gov web site. Even if…
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