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When you need help telling a story, call on someone
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So what am I? An editor. A writer. A writing coach.

All three.

I began my long career as a freelance writer after the stock market crash of 1987 wiped out the bulk of my PR business in a few months. Seven often-lean years later, I simultaneously landed regular writing assignments with a national Christian magazine and a book contract with a major Christian publishing house.

Around 2014 everything started to change. I joined the Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network and a second division for professional writers and book editors. After flunking the screening test for article editing (I passed the tests for developmental and book editing), I recognized the need to strengthen my editing skills. I acquired several editing guides and took some continuing education courses. Ironically, once I did that, more book editing projects came my way as article assignments dwindled in the ever-changing world of print periodicals.

In recent months, authors have sought my help with coaching and evaluating manuscripts. I still handle ghostwriting projects, although many editing jobs involve as much writing and revising as the first few ghostwriting jobs I handled in the 1990s. While it may sound like I have a split personality, everything I do fits my love of the editorial enterprise. Everything starts with good writing—and editing—whether that is a letter to the editor, a short news story, or a 300-page memoir.

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“Ken is a true professional who works with care and is a tremendous resource to any author looking to hone their craft. He captures the essence of your writing while retaining your own unique personal voice and enhancing its effectiveness for the reader. I highly recommend working with Ken. It has been a true joy working with him on my last two books.”

Brian Catanella, Investment Consultant Author, The Gift and Lead with Love

“From the 10-Year Anniversary Leadership Edition of my book, The Pound for Pound Principle, to my newest book, That Doesn’t Just Happen, my experience working with Ken Walker has been nothing short of excellent. Ken is a true master of his craft, bringing decades of writing and editorial experience to each project. I highly recommend him for any of your writing project needs.”

Mike Kai, Pastor, Inspire Church Author, The Pound for Pound Principle and That Doesn’t Just Happen

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