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Past articles by Ken Walker

  1. PE News, July 29, 2016

Overcoming Suspicions

Nathaniel Olemaun hopes to return to his hometown in a couple of years with a degree in elementary education. In addition to teaching, he plans to become a missionary to Alaskan Natives in Barrow. A student at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, the member of the Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A. chapter is preparing for his future discipleship assignment by forming a small group during the fall semester.

“Alaskan Natives trust a Native more than other people,” says Olemaun, a member of the Inupiaq (commonly known as Eskimos) people. “I already know the community and how people will react.” READ MORE

  1. Today’s Christian Living, November 2015

“Lee Strobel Touches Countless Lives”

Lee Strobel’s books read like riveting detective novels. From the very first page, readers are drawn into the story by fascinating details expertly woven together with vivid imagery. That the man who writes such colorful prose is a former hard-nosed, skeptical journalist — who spent nearly two years investigating the claims of Christ before believing them — makes his story even more powerful. And what a story it is. The results of that personal probe later produced The Case for Christ. The detailed account of Lee’s search of Scripture and scholarly sources remains the best-selling of his dozen-plus books, with more than five million copies in print. READ MORE

  1. Baptist Press, Oct. 31, 2015

Build a manger; focus on Christmas; help dads lead

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (BP) — Long before Thanksgiving, and even Halloween, Eastern Heights Baptist Church was getting ready for Christmas. For the third consecutive year, the Southern Baptist church is participating in The Manger Build, a project to help men keep Christ in front of their families at Christmas. READ MORE

  1. Ministry Today, Sept/Oct. 2015

These Men Have Become Legacy Leaders

Mark Rutland had worn multiple hats in church life, from pastoring a United Methodist church to evangelism to foreign missions. Yet, when he reached his early 50s, he and his wife, Alison, sensed a looming career shift. Still, they never expected it would come in the form of an invitation to lead the then-troubled Southeastern College. He never applied, just responded to an invitation from the board of directors. They weren’t interviewing others; the job was his for the taking.

“That appealed—the sense of being needed, or wanted, to step in and take on that kind of challenge,” says Rutland, who six years later led the Assemblies of God school’s transition into Southeastern University. READ MORE

  1. Charisma, June 2015

Modern-Day Resurrections: Are They Real?

After lying below the surface of an ice-covered Missouri lake for 15 minutes in mid-January, doctors didn’t give John Smith much chance to live, let alone be honing his summer league basketball skills.

Nor is his survival the only startling element of this miraculous story. After rescue workers pulled him from the icy lake about 40 miles west of St. Louis, the teenager spent another half hour without a pulse. READ MORE

  1. IPHC Experience, Nov/Dec. 2012

“We Miss You Bishop: Ron Carpenter Sr. left an amazing legacy”

With thousands watching his funeral, tributes emanating from all corners of the globe, and the continuing impact of those he mentored in ministry, Bishop Ron Carpenter, Sr.’s legacy will benefit the IPHC well beyond the 64 years he spent on this earth.

Carpenter lost his long battle against cancer on September 20, and more than 4,000 people came to the visitation at Redemption World Outreach Center (RWOC) in Greenville, S.C. Fifteen hundred attended the funeral in person. After 5,000 had signed on to watch the webcast of the service, a network overload prevented thousands more from gaining access. READ MORE