A Toxic Brain

Ken did a substantive edit of this book. It is a captivating account of Sandra Strauss’s extended battle to identify and treat her husband’s mysterious neurological issues, ultimately revealed to be linked to toxic exposures. It includes insights regarding how exposures to mold, Lyme, heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins fire up inflammation. This especially impacts an estimated 25% of the population, who are genetically vulnerable as poor detoxifiers. With evolving research, proven protocols are now changing patient destinies regarding cognitive decline. The author makes a compelling case for the need to recognize and properly evaluate and treat the environmental, infectious, and toxic causes of disease. And, rely on many critical lifestyle interventions as part of science-based protocols to help to recover health and prevent such tragedies. Additionally, a shift in healthcare strategies will serve to improve our nation’s health and well-being. To purchase a copy, click here.