Tag: 2016 Election

Meeting Candidates Restores Faith in Democracy

Unless you’ve already taken advantage of early voting, Tuesday will mark the latest venture into selecting our nation’s next president. And if you’re like a large swath of the American public, you may be filled with dismay over the choices.   It was the third such event I had attended this year. The first two,…
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Casting Stones is Dangerous Business

Unless there is some earth-shattering development in the next two weeks, Hillary Clinton will become the nation’s next president. Donald Trump’s campaign has been on the decline ever since his crude remarks about women 11 years ago became public knowledge. (Pause here to say that a woman I know very well remarked recently, “Anyone who…
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Contentious Debates Reflect More Serious Problem

The presidential debates have now concluded, but I can’t say they did much to help me make up my mind about how I will vote in less than three weeks. Whether it was Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump—or their running mates—going at each other, it felt more like watching dueling sound bites. Or listening to…
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