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Oiling Away the Pain With Essential Oils

It’s been nearly a year since I started using a blend of essential oils to help deal with the lingering effects of back pain sustained through a serious injury in 2013. Not only am I happy that I made the discovery that these oils could have health benefits, today I am even more positive in…
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The Cold and Flu Battle

Like much of the nation, the flu has struck numerous people in my immediate circles. That prompted the postponement of a family birthday party a week, and a similar delay for another get-together for a game night. Both delays occurred the same week a story appeared in our local newspaper about the wave of flu…
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Oiling up for Health

Snap judgments. We’re all guilty of making them. In my case, that includes consigning aromatherapy and essential oils to the fringes of some weird, mystical, New Age land. Yet I knew nothing about them. Experience changed my mind. It started while I was editing a book this past summer about natural ways to fight colds…
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