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How God Raised up Bishop T.D. Jakes

In my last blog about taking cheer in the wave of biblically-oriented movies, I briefly mentioned the Apr. 16 release of Heaven is for Real. Not only did I enjoy the book on which it is based, I look forward to seeing the film because of a personally-relevant angle behind it—the participation of Bishop T.D.…
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The Good News From Hollywood

The movie Noah opens tomorrow (Mar. 28) and if the box office comes anywhere close to the heat it has already generated, the film has an excellent shot at hitting #1 in this weekend’s box office receipts. It has been attacked by evangelist Ray Comfort. Yet, it has also been endorsed by filmmaker and media…
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The Reality of the Spirit World

By Ken Walker- To say that Heaven is for Real is a bestseller is like saying Duck Dynasty is a popular TV show. The book (and cable TV’s biggest hit) moved way beyond that long ago. One reason I admired Todd Burpo’s book is the skillful hand of co-author Lynn Vincent. When a book sells…
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