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The Blessings of Heart Problems

Having previously been through a heart cath—the procedure where they snake a tube through an artery to look at the heart and determine whether any blockages exist—before, I wasn’t eager to undergo another last month. Yet it proved to be the most pleasant experience to date. Not just because the test showed there weren’t any…
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Presidential Gaffe Emphasizes Need for Prayer

The fact that Gary Johnson didn’t attract enough supporters in leading polls to qualify for last week’s first presidential debate is a good indication that the Libertarian candidate isn’t going to win the forthcoming election. It didn’t help matters any that a few weeks before, while being questioned on a national TV program about the…
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The Need to Pray for our Leaders

Back in the last century, when CD-ROMs were still a big deal, Christianity Today reviewed a new collection of Methodism founder John Wesley’s writings. The review noted the ease with which users could do a word search to isolate the famed English spiritual leader’s observations on a particular topic. However, the note that sticks out…
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