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No Need to Retire

Another old friend—a guy I’ve known since kindergarten—retired last week, although not to sit in a rocking chair. Instead, he is already out hiking the Appalachian Trail. Sometimes, I think of how nice it would be to sit back, relax and leave the world of deadlines and other stress behind. I felt a sharp twinge…
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Retiring to Death

As one’s hair grays and withers away, the question becomes ever more common. “So, what’s your retirement plan?” In my estimation, others ask this with the unspoken assumption: “What are you going to do once you can sit around all day and no nothing?” Bad question. A better alternative: “If I stop doing what I’m…
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Fulfillment Beyond the Couch

More than five years ago, at an extended family member’s wedding, I encountered a guest who spoke of her plans to take early retirement the following spring. Nothing earth-shattering—except for the fact that she planned to do so at the ripe old age of 52. Discussing her plans to play with her grandchildren (who, I…
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