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Weighed Down by Injury

The connections between Pastor Rick Warren and me are thin as a reed. We have never met and—considering his schedule—aren’t likely to in the future. Yet a few links exist, starting with me writing a couple stories for the Purpose Driven web site, back when his mega-bestseller had created a mini-publishing boom at Saddleback Church.…
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The Failure of Resolutions – Part 2

Second of two parts By Ken Walker- If all Rick Warren did in his new book-and-small-group curriculum was lament our nation’s problems with obesity, it wouldn’t be worth much. However, The Daniel Plan goes much further. Co-authored with Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman—also New York Times bestselling authors—the book reviews such information as…
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The Failure of Resolutions

First of two parts By Ken Walker- With many loosening their belts or other clothing after Christmas dinner, it is likely they will turn their attentions to a New Year’s resolution to “lose weight.” However, such vows have a high failure rate. In working on a story for the January issue of Mature Living I…
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