Tag: Technology

Swapping E-mail Addresses

When people who have been more successful in business than me offer advice, I tend to listen. So when not one, but two, associates suggested late last year that it was time to scrap my antiquated-looking e-mail address, I thought, Better pay attention. Changing e-mail addresses is no big deal to lots of folks. Over…
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Traversing the Digital Divide

Judging by the people I see walking down the street, ignoring their dates in restaurants, or interrupting conversations to check the “ping!” on their device, most everyone today lives on their smart phone. I could curse the darkness. Or, deliver a series of lectures about how rude it is to pay more attention to texts…
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Gazing into the Future

In what is surely a sign of the times, rather than a Christmas card in mid-December, at year’s end I received an e-mail from an old friend. His wife passed away last April, and she likely handled the mailing duties. He mentioned compiling a list last fall of 80 things he wanted to accomplish before…
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