Time to Say, ‘Thanks’ (A story from the Pandemic)

Time to Say, ‘Thanks’ (A story from the Pandemic)

Time to Say, ‘Thanks’ blog post by Ken Walker WriterWe didn’t pay any garbage fees in April. Won’t in May or June, either.

This isn’t because we’re some kind of deadbeats. We’re not paying because our city council waived those charges for all residents for the second quarter of 2020.

It was their small contribution to helping us deal with the impact of the coronavirus.

I appreciated that gesture, passed in lightning-quick fashion in late March as the signs of the pandemic steadily worsened.

In addition to eliminating garbage collection charges, our representatives eased business taxes for hard-hit retailers and restaurants.

Not having to pay $20 a month for three months may not compare to the $2,400 my wife and I will receive from Uncle Sam. But as the old saying goes, every little bit helps, especially with my freelance work declining in April after a healthy March.

Bearing Heavy Responsibility

Griping about government ranks up there with baseball as America’s favorite pastime. In that regard, I have been as guilty as many other folks.

But considering the life-threatening circumstances that have affected us all in recent months, it’s time to tip our hats to those with a thankless job, particularly during a pandemic. Time to offer our heartfelt thanks to the elected representatives who are on the hottest of all seats.

Since we live in area where three states converge, we have often seen the three respective governors issuing stay-at-home orders and holding ongoing press briefings for concerned citizens.

The pressure is etched on their faces, the strain and worry evident.

It’s hard enough dealing with the challenges each of us encounter in our own households. And the fears for our loved ones, like our son-in-law. He is a nurse practitioner on the front lines of health care workers who are risking their lives to deal with the crisis.

Plus, our youngest daughter has been working in his office while her business is shut down. Their daughter works there too.

Their son is a nurse at the VA Hospital, where he was recently assigned to a ward with two coronavirus patients.

There are all kinds of ordinary heroes around us these days, deserving of our respect, admiration, and thanks.

Appreciating Service

Still, at the head of the line for those deserving praise are those persons taking the lead responsibility for responding to this crisis.

It may seem noteworthy to have one’s face on TV screens daily, until considering the amount of pressure that accrues for anyone on camera.

In the case of political officeholders, it’s not just stepping into the limelight, it’s doing so with the knowledge that one wrong move can lead to the loss of more lives. Not to mention the bickering and criticism that follow many of their decisions.

That is a responsibility that millions aren’t willing to accept. While we all long for the day we can return to a more normal existence, we should say “thanks” to those who are working to ensure that time comes sooner rather than later.

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