Trump: Let History Judge

Trump: Let History Judge

Trump: Let History Judge blog post by Ken Walker Writer

We can get food in minutes (seconds if we’re really in a hurry), can follow breaking news in real time, and consider last week ancient history. So, even before the Jan. 6 riot and attempted insurrection that temporarily halted approval of the Electoral College results, many had already judged the job President Donald Trump has done as horrible.

In the aftermath of the shock to the nation’s system, including this week’s threatened (second) impeachments, many will likely rush to consign him to the very bottom of the list. Such impulses will be understandable, yet I see them as premature.

As with every other president who has occupied the Oval Office, we will need time and measured judgment to gauge the long-term impact of his performance. No matter how upset we may be today, history hasn’t had time to judge Trump’s presidency.

In a Fox News poll released in early December, 42 percent of respondents said history would remember our outgoing president as one of the worst of all time. Six weeks later, twice as many might answer in the affirmative.

Limited Perspective

To temper current outrage, I recall how recall how the fading economy, indignity of hostages being held by Iran, and general malaise had sunk Jimmy Carter’s approval ratings in the late 1970s. In those days, folks were fond of saying that we needed a good leader like Harry Truman—who in the latter stages of his presidency faced popularity ratings worse than Carter’s.

Last week, a friend from college I haven’t seen for a while sent me a biography of Truman, commenting that we face challenges today similar to those of the 1940s.

President TrumanWhile I haven’t read too much of the book yet, I couldn’t help noticing a marked contrast drawn in the first chapter. When under consideration for the vice-presidential nomination prior to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fourth term, Time magazine scoffed at Truman as “the mousy little man from Missouri.” Yet the author said only four presidents in the 20th century can claim great or near-great leadership. One of them was Truman.

Given the lukewarm reaction to Truman as his presidency neared its end, I can say it is also true that in the aftermath of Jan. 6’s ignominious events, it’s too soon, reactions too emotional, and perspectives too narrow to truly evaluate what kind of leader Trump has been.

If history will judge Trump like the 42 percent who were already poised to consign him to the ash heap, it will be after several more decades have passed.

Only once current leaders are gone from the scene and other events—whose seeds were planted in 2016-2020—have taken place will academicians and others be able to more dispassionately evaluate him as a leader.

Historical View

I remember when President Bill Clinton’s peccadilloes led to impeachment in 1998. However, his misdeeds didn’t compare to the sexual escapades of John F. Kennedy, a president who had been fondly remembered after his assassination.

Yet, by the time of Clinton’s impeachment, JFK was starting to be seen as a more human and less heroic figure. Indeed, JFK’s sexual escapades made Clinton look almost saintly by comparison. That’s because history had begun to judge Kennedy, as it will Trump. We just need to wait a while for jury selection.

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  1. Ella Mae says:

    Ken, Do you really think that it is time to call Trump finished? and to let history tell the story? In my view he has only begun his presidency. God sent this imperfect man (Cyrus) to bring His church back to righteousness and to clean the corrupted Deep State out of DC and really the world. Do you really think that he has accomplished that mandate yet? A resounding NO! It’s not finished yet and the game is not over. It doesn’t matter what the fake news is telling us because it’s all lies. They have lied to the world for over four years and made our presisent look like a fool. Why do you think they have done everything to get rid of this man Because He frightens them out of their sanity. Where is your faith in our God to concede to this election fraud? Anyone who has this mind set has given up on our God. God didn’t tell us what will happen through all the prophets just to let us down now. Evil has not won the war.. We win this round. I’m sorry to be so bold but I get very upset to see people with no faith in God’s plan to save America. What the devil meant for harm God is taking it and will revive the church of Jesus Christ and separate the wheat from the chaff and bring in the end time harvest. I’m excited to see what God is doing now to rescue us from the evil plans of the enemy of mankind to take this nation and put us into slavery like they have already done in so many other countries. Make no mistake, it is not time to give up but to put our faith in the God of the Universe who loves us and gave his Son for the church. He is not willing to let satan destroy us now. Do the research for yourself.. look up the prophets and hear what they have said by the dozens, even years earlier….. They cannot all be wrong. And go to a conservative news source and hear about what’s really happening behind what you see taking place.. Trust God! His plan will prevail.

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